Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day 6 - Blackpool Tower Abseil

No, scaling a 50 foot fire tower is NOT preparation for 385 feet of rusting tower, especially when your start point is 500 foot from the ground, it's raining and there's a 25knot wind!

With the rain continuing to persist, the team made its way to the base of the tower for 0830 after a quick stop in McDonald's for breakfast. The lads from RMR Mersey were already present, as were some of the press. The ropes were set and all that remained was for us to actually get to the top and begin. Rising up through the superstructure on the elevator was daunting enough! You realise just how old the tower is!

Arriving in the viewing platform, the kit was laid out for us, the Mountain Leaders were ready and we just had to simply step out and down the abseil........

"Just Lean Out" was the quote of the day from the MLs.....Just Lean Out over a 500 foot drop!
To a man, the job was completed. There were some wobbly moments and equally wobbly legs but each man made it down at least once, some were lucky enough for a second shot too!

It was a pity that the weather was as poor as it was although there was still a pretty good turnout below. While the total collection for the day has not yet been counted, it was a pretty large sum and we really must thank the Royal Marines Association and RMR Mersey for their help throughout today.

Next stop is Shrewsbury before heading down to Bristol for our next abseil challenge - Clifton Gorge, Wednesday 10th June at 0900! Let's hope the weather improves.


  1. Well done, so proud of you!
    Now go and have some fun on the sea front :) x

  2. Amazing. Well done guys.
    Keep it up and see you at the dinner.

  3. Well done lads an excellent cause...

    I live in Blackpool and by and large this passed us by as it wasn't reported locally. I will blog this.

    I know you are on a schedule but when you get finished be sure to come back to Blackpool for some well earned R&R.