Thursday, 30 April 2009

50 miles this time!

A lovely day out today, led by Si Gair, through the rolling countryside of Hampshire and West Sussex. A few navigational challenges lead to a few non-tarmac'd country lanes lead to two punctures; all good experience though, of course! We did have a stop at a lovely little pub in Finchdean, however; The George Inn. Highly recommended for a quiet Sunday retreat.

A total of 50-odd miles, as seen on the route pic, really put the knees and quads to the test but actually we're all doing pretty well today, a good sign for things to come.

Next week, 6th may, we're heading across to the Isle of Wight for a 68-mile excursion while the following Wed, 13th May, will be a cycle to Hedley Court. We've decided to not stop at Sellyoak now as the money that we are raising actually goes to Hedley Court. It also gives us another 60-mile cycle opportunity for training!

Thanks for all the continued support.

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Monday, 27 April 2009

In a moment of sheer madness, colour coordinated Rob Thorpe (with new 1950s haircut!) walked in to Mike Vaughan's bike shop in Kenilworth with a fist full of cash and walked out 30 minutes later with the Ferrari of road bikes.  Shown in these photos is Rob collecting his Trek Madone 5.2 with Mike Vaughan Jr.  Thanks very much to Mike and his staff in Kenilworth to supporting this event and sponsoring the team.  Check out his shop and latest deals at

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Training in the UK

No, we've not been sat on our backsides....well, we kind of have, I guess.
It didn't take long for the pelleton to form and we've been out in to rural Hampshire to put in the miles. It was only half way round that I remembered we didn't have a camera but rest assured there will be photos galore shortly. There's even some professional gear being adourned too; make no mistake, Rob certainly knows how to colour-coordinate the bike, shoes, shorts, top, glasses and helmet.

Anyway, keep reading, we'll soon be on our way, thanks for the continuing support!

Oh, this is our recent training route (click to zoom in):

Friday, 10 April 2009

Back in the UK

No, we've not given up, we are just taking a well-earned rest after the Iraq tour. We are all back safe and sound and will be back to work on 20th April. Obviously, noone has given up the training and I know all members are out still drumming up sponsorship and enthusiasm for it.

We look forward to getting out on the open roads as a group shortly and finding out if the Spinning training was of any use at all!

Keep checking this page for further updates.

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