Sunday, 31 May 2009

On your Marks, Get Set......sleep....

So here we all are (well, without John Stainton to whom all are best wishes are sent), ready for the off.

Bikes are packed, kit checked, uniforms ready to....oh no wait! It would appear that we are now going from "John O'Graot to Land Ends" according to our cycle tops! Who's fault this is one can only hazard a guess. He know's who he is! Luckily, he may be bringing in £50,000....well, that's just rumour, speculation and adult filth. We shall see!

After getting in to Inverness Airport, we took the journey north in the minibus to our stop for this night, Wick. It would perhaps have been better to try and sleep through it and not see the 13% inclines that we have to face tomorrow! It's a bit late to back out now though although the excuses were coming in thick and fast during our monstrous meal in Wetherspoons.

We must thank the people of Wick, however, for donating £221! I would also like to thank the lady on the plane who turned around at the end of the flight after hearing me spout on for ages and handed me a £20 note - probably to shut me up!! Still, it all counts.

So yes, we are now ready and raring to go. The sun is due to beat down tomorrow so the tanning lotion is at the ready; just behind the waterbottles.

Wish us luck!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Portsmouth Historical Dockyard Part 2

Thursday, 21st May 2009
Fundraising continued today with more tin rattling down at the Docks.  Better weather saw more tourists braving HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum and we were once again touched by the public's generous spirit.  School children were plentiful and some even offered up their lunch money though none could be tempted to try out the Trixter XDream today.  Thanks to Melissa in the Historic Dockyard for her support.
Later, the fundraising trio of Scanny, Thorpey and Dan moved to the Royal Marines Museum for a Royal Marines Association Band Concert.  Our thanks go to Chris Newberry nd his team, Sue, Roger and Sandy, for being so accommodating and allowing us access to this event.
Today's efforts, combined with monies raised last Thursday afternoon, gave us a total of £958.23, not bad for a few hours work.  Thank you Portsmouth!

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Portsmouth Historical Dockyard

The money has not yet been counted but it looks like today's fundraiser at the Historical Dockyard in Portsmouth was a remarkable success! While the rain tried to put a dampner on things, the crowds still came out (mainly German!) and the cash poured in. We filled 5 of the Help For Heroes 'cans' as well as most of a bucket.

With an iPod Nano up for grabs, the Trixter xDream cycle (pictured) gave kids and adults the chance to compete over a virtual cross-country course. It almost looked like a rather chubby 13-year old from a group of German students was going to take the title but the UK fought hard and a lass from the dockyard snatched the prize. Well done UK!

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

100 Miles - and the reason we're doing it.

Today was all about those who we are doing this for.

We cycled a full 100 miles today, incorporating a visit to Headley Court to see Royal Marines currently being rehabilitated therein. It was truly humbling to see the bravery from these individuals. We met amputees, those with cages fixed in to their limbs, those permanently bound to wheel chairs....each one of them showing true grit and determination to get back. It certainly put in to perspective the sore muscles, twitchy knees and blisters in personal places (Dan!) that we have been experiencing.

The journey started on Whale Island and proceeded out through Havant, paralleling the A3 up to Billingshurst where we stopped for breakfast at the 40 mile mark. A couple of rounds of bacon/sausage butties later and we were off for part 2, the 25 further miles to Headley Court intself. We stopped there for lunch to have a chat to those that the money directly supports before taking a quick snapshot at the entrance and heading for Haslemere, another 35 miles away. Here we were collected by the dedicated support staff, lead ably by Mark Betley, who force-fed us Krispy Kreme doughnuts while driving us back down the A3 to Whale Island again.

Overall, it was a very good opportunity for us to test ourselves over 100 miles. Everyone managed it without too much difficulty, setting us up for a great start on June 1st!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Isle of Wight Cycle

The longest training ride so far, the majority of the team took Wednesday 6th May out of work and cycled the full circumference of the Isle Of Wight. First with the wind, then very much in to it, then with it again, this ride was also the longest so far at a full 70 miles! The only stop was for a massive plate of sausage and mash at lunch. There were some sore knees making their way up the stairs in to the office on Thursday but it certainly showed just how hard this challenge is going to be. That was just 70 miles and the next day was a rest day! It just gets harder....

Col Pete Taylor does Soccer AM


Col Pete Taylor, the senior ranking member of the team, gave his all on national television on Saturday 2nd May, taking a team of JOGLErs with him. In front of millions of regular Sky viewers, Col Pete underwent their Ironman Challenge, shifting progressively heavy bags from one end of a lane and into a landrover. At the same time he endeavoured to promote the cause and website as much as he could. Doing the team and the Corps proud, he got the message out there - let's see if we get anything back! The total increases.......