Wednesday, 13 May 2009

100 Miles - and the reason we're doing it.

Today was all about those who we are doing this for.

We cycled a full 100 miles today, incorporating a visit to Headley Court to see Royal Marines currently being rehabilitated therein. It was truly humbling to see the bravery from these individuals. We met amputees, those with cages fixed in to their limbs, those permanently bound to wheel chairs....each one of them showing true grit and determination to get back. It certainly put in to perspective the sore muscles, twitchy knees and blisters in personal places (Dan!) that we have been experiencing.

The journey started on Whale Island and proceeded out through Havant, paralleling the A3 up to Billingshurst where we stopped for breakfast at the 40 mile mark. A couple of rounds of bacon/sausage butties later and we were off for part 2, the 25 further miles to Headley Court intself. We stopped there for lunch to have a chat to those that the money directly supports before taking a quick snapshot at the entrance and heading for Haslemere, another 35 miles away. Here we were collected by the dedicated support staff, lead ably by Mark Betley, who force-fed us Krispy Kreme doughnuts while driving us back down the A3 to Whale Island again.

Overall, it was a very good opportunity for us to test ourselves over 100 miles. Everyone managed it without too much difficulty, setting us up for a great start on June 1st!

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