Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Welcoming Mark Blenkinsop!

 Please give a warm welcome to the latest addition to our band of sore-arses, Mark Blenkinsop, our physio!

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

DFAC Harassment Trap

A successful guilt-laden, harassment event outside of the two largest Dining Facilities netted us a huge $1212 this evening!

Coupled with a generous donation of approx. $3000 (yet to be confirmed) and we are well on the way to hitting the £10,000 target that I wanted before departing here and a third of the way to our overall target.


Training continues well but we’re all looking forward to getting home and doing the practice on real bikes. Oh, that reminds me – if anyone has any decent road bikes that they would like to lend, that really would be a nice gesture. At over £500 each, a decent road bike is going to explode a serious hole in our pockets….it’ll be worth it though, I guess.


Thanks for the support!


Please note our sponsors box on the right hand side of this page.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Div HQ Fundraiser

3.5 Hours spent on the bikes today netted us a tasty £640 ($900) - thank you to all who stopped by to abuse and donate! It's the longest we've sat on the bikes so far and was a stern lesson about taking on water and food throughout.

Apologies for the quality of the photo but you might just be able to make out BBC Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones! He popped out on a job here and was more than happy to help out.
With any luck he will join us in Bristol when we make it down there on the ride - who knows, he may bring Katherine Jenkins with him!

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Zero-G Cycle Corp, Bristol - Discount Cycling Gear

STS, Basrah - $4,500 (£3,200)

Jacksons, Basrah - £1,000

Mott MacDonald, Basrah - £1000

HWH& Associates, Basrah - £400

Trixter - £100 and supplying of a training bike and equipment for use in the UK.

Siren Yacht Charters - £300

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Training In The Sun

We raised a further £205 simply by harassing and abusing passers-by this morning.
The temperature topped 25C while we were out. Chris Hall (man in the hat) managed a not-too-shabby 3 hours!!

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More photos

The lovely ladies with pompoms in the top photo are the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders who came here to raise the morale of the US Servicemen on camp. Worked for us!

The three ladies in the bottom photo were dancers from the Combined Services Entertainment (CSE) Show.

So far so good!

As of 08 Mar we have raised over £2,700 - see to donate further!

Photos so far.....

The helicopter photos were promotional for Trixter Cycles: who provide us with our Spinning Cycles for training.

John O'Groats to Land's End

Starting on 01 June 2009, when we return from Iraq, members of COMUKAMPHIBFOR will cycle the length of our fine nation, from John O'Groats to Land's End (approx 1,000 miles by our route and against the south westerly prevailing winds) in 10 days, stopping at Sellyoak Hospital and any RM/RMR units on the way.It is our aim to raise £30,000 for Help For Heroes in order to help our fallen brethren in these troublesome times.

To see how the money is spent and just why it is necessary, see :

Every single penny really is focussed towards the care and rehabilitation of those who so urgently need it.

We are currently stationed in Basrah and subsequently have no access to bicycles. All training is being conducted on Trixter X1000 Spinning Cycles! If you could recommend some music, that would also be great ;o)

06 Mar 09: Training continues to go well with our instructors, Lou and Elaine, giving us hell at 0600 and 1800 respectively most days. We're looking to promote this in as many publications, magazines, newspapers as possible. If you have any contacts or ideas, please let us know.
Email us at:

To donate, please visit:

Please keep this site bookmarked and revisit for regular updates to our campaign.