Thursday, 30 April 2009

50 miles this time!

A lovely day out today, led by Si Gair, through the rolling countryside of Hampshire and West Sussex. A few navigational challenges lead to a few non-tarmac'd country lanes lead to two punctures; all good experience though, of course! We did have a stop at a lovely little pub in Finchdean, however; The George Inn. Highly recommended for a quiet Sunday retreat.

A total of 50-odd miles, as seen on the route pic, really put the knees and quads to the test but actually we're all doing pretty well today, a good sign for things to come.

Next week, 6th may, we're heading across to the Isle of Wight for a 68-mile excursion while the following Wed, 13th May, will be a cycle to Hedley Court. We've decided to not stop at Sellyoak now as the money that we are raising actually goes to Hedley Court. It also gives us another 60-mile cycle opportunity for training!

Thanks for all the continued support.

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