Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day 9 - Telford to Bristol - 108 Miles. Total: 704 Miles.

In...Out...In...Out (of Wales/England).

On the day with the highest total hill-climbs, the sun decided to make its longest reappearance since the beginning. Luckily for us, the route was one that was complimented beautifully by the good weather. We left Telford at around 0830 and very quickly got in to a great rhythm. The first water stop came and went very quickly and almost without incident. We stopped just north of Hereford for a lunch in a pub car park here the H4H tins came out . Sharky and Rob gave it all the best chat to coax cash from the unsuspecting public - we're now touching the £27,000 mark overall! While they put the effort in , the rest of the team bullied the wee kids from the playpark and took it over for themselves!

While the rest of the team thought that that total for day (108 miles) was enough of a challenge, Scanny decided that he required further PT and took a detour of 6 miles for him and his team! 'Technically' it wasn't his fault but let's face it, it comes down to leadership ;o) Having said that, while Jumper was putting in his best performance of the tour, John thought he was looking a bit fresh, just 200m from the end, and took him down the Avon Gorge just to really get the best out of him!

The afternoon water stop was taken at Tintern Abbey where yet more bus loads of tourists were only too happy to hand over their pensions to our cause. After the stop it was yet another very long climb to the top of the Wye Valley before heading downhill to the M48 Severn Bridge and back in to England...again.

We arrived in RMR Bristol in very good time to find an added extra to the team. Our trainer from Basrah, Elaine Pratt, was stood in front of us. Of course, it was clear that we weren't the only people on her priority list. Behind her, out walked Mark Betley with a beaming smile and red cheeks!

Tomorrow is all about yet another abseil. This time it's down the Durdham Down, 1.5 miles north of the Clifton suspension bridge. To add a bit of spice, 4 of us will be bouncing down with our bikes attached to us...oh, and it'll be pouring with rain too! We will be covered on Heart FM (National), BBC Bristol TV and BBC Bristol Radio!

It's up to all of you (if anyone reads this) to get out there now and help us out. We need a final sponsor to kick us over the £3,000!! Speaking of which, we would like to thank Christ Church Heaton, from Bolton. They managed to raise £1,000! Coupled to that, 9 year old James Hind was able to generate £600 for the cause! Park Manor Residential Home also contributed a rather large collective amount with £500, as did Julian Starkey, our Science Advisor from Basrah! Thank you all!!

So who can beat that?

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  1. hey guys excellent achievment i was on my way to work at 9.30ish and was papping my horn on the much yenwenlock to craven arms road,remember?i think it is amazing wot ur doing and i wish u all the best of luck.keep turnin those cogs!my dad was roqRMP so yeah i'm a pad brat.enjoy the journey lads and hope u have a few enjoyable pints along the way.keep it up lads.